Monday, 21 April 2014

Can Indian movies teach you the biggest lessons of life?

Yes, Indian movies have the art and at the same time embedded with a lot of learning in it.

Few movies that polish your management skills and hit finer points of being a Management professional, including college life, finance, investments, supply chain, entrepreneurship and ethics.In these days most of the Management schools concentrate on the academics, course structure, experienced staff and many more but are missing the true essence the stream. The Application, out from the institutes joining the rat race for few bugs.

Chak De India, an Indian film portraying the contemporary scenario of sports in India. The ace star Shah Rukh Khan is the lead protagonist which is breakthrough for regular celluloid in India. The story is about a resolute women's hockey team that wins the world championship defeating all odds is one of the must-watch films and one of my favorites. 

One can learn a lot about team-building, watching how the Japanese and the British deal with their respective teams in the film. Aspects of management such as planning, co-ordination, strategy, motivation, time and stress management and goal setting are the highlights of the movie.

The Australian bash in the final shows the competitors preparedness for becoming the leader (Market Leadership). The belief system, ego-management, team effort which put together can make a big difference to the brand image.
Finally the team wins, which believes in making the colossal, collective and cooperative effort to achieve the SUCCESS.