Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The 3 I's in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In this ferociously growing era of social media and marketing, it still the marketer's creative thought which drive the campaigns in to great success. To understand as a layman, 


1) One of the greatest things about social media sites are cost benefits
2) Social media helps get more traffic to your website
3) Unique reason, you are instantly entered into a world where you can directly communicate with customers and fans
4) You can actually talk to the people who are interested in your company and have a one to one dialogue with them
5) Able to stay current on all the latest trends in your industry

1) Social Media  is a place to gauge public sentiment for our brands/retailers as well as give us a second chance in setting things correct
2) A deep understanding in to the Customer behavior and expectations through the social media channels which help in customizing offerings
3) People would like to fan or follow the official social media channel purely based on their experience and status


1)Facebook being the social media channel for building the community through engagement.
2)Twitter has been a listening tool and addressing customer issues.
3) Instagram a huge photo sharing and engaging platform
What if all the 3 can be brought on a single platform and that too LIVE

The most   Innovative,  Interactive &  Integrated services are the most alluring and lucrative assets of any agency on the service side.