Monday, 14 April 2014

e-Marketing challenges in 2014

What are those e-Marketing challenges in 2014 that keep you up at night?

How can you increase your market share and magnify the margins?
Social media bring various changes in society. By the advent of social media consumers exhibit different behavior. This makes marketing essentially different.
What is the impact for your business?
Can or should you try to influence the outcomes?
Will the correct use of E-marketing resolve emerging challenges like those of the retail industry?
Will E-Marketing offer your company more clients and new markets?
And how can you analyze the immense amount of data and which conclusions are relevant for new approaches?
The rise of big data and digital connectivity has changed the face of marketing forever. Interactions with customers have become a dialogue, targeted at individual needs and value creation opportunities, across many different digital touch-points. As a result a whole new industry has emerged around marketing disciplines that did not exist more than 1-2 decades ago.  Examples are search optimization, web analytics, social campaigning, etc..  Also marketing initiatives and online interaction leverage insights on more customer data, and are adapted at a higher – often real time – frequency.  In summary, marketing is proliferating and getting more complex. Many more decisions need to be made, at higher frequency, with more data available. It should be no surprise that many marketing leaders struggle to adapt their organizations to this proliferated – and more complex - environment, while keeping their cost base under control

We identified 3 major challenges which keep the top-notch thinking
1) How do I find time to monitor & manage organisation's social media
2) Am I allocating budget appropriately across the major areas
3) Technology is changing quickly how do we keep up

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Aditya Paluri
Aghan Group