Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Interactive video in INDIA

A paradigm shift is expected very soon in INDIA!

Interactive video will become even more popular this year.

Interactive video is seeing tremendous success in North America thanks to its “completely immerse brand experience,” and this growth is expected to continue in the coming years. Advertisers using interactive video have learned from the past, combining the best practices of both rich media and video ads. The recent activity in INDIA which i remember was ALLU ARJUN in sprite (CCIL), Where one has to expose the bar code to the PC cam or Laptop cam and then activity is initiated. But since then its dormant comparative to the other countries where the interactive video engagement is increasing tremendously.

Either way, as advertisers continue to see success with video campaigns, they’re putting more dollars toward the ad channel in all the foreign countries. But here in INDIA the activities or the interface has not yet seen the shine. The opportunities are huge and the Gen X, Y or even Z is under the continuous hunt for innovative concepts. What these days we are seeing photography or short film making growing unconventionally growing, may be social media providing a huge platform for showcasing their talents and getting appreciated by the fellas. Like wise, innovations are inevitable in SMM, laws & PR issues have to be little relaxed to get the think-tanks materialized.