Sunday, 27 April 2014



In Continuation to my past blog on 18 April 2014  

Retailers using very close-range mobile messaging to communicate with consumers, offering discounts and promotions to people once they are in the store. Known as proximity marketing

For one thing, it’s building awareness

It is interesting in finding out if the messaging gets shoppers to buy more. It seems to be the case, and through customer conversations we can hear comments like, “It definitely got me to buy more,” and, “If I was on the fence about something, the [promotion] pushed me to make the purchase.”

From qualitative research and seeing some revenues generated from it, we see proximity marketing wasn't only building store awareness, but also driving conversion and sales.

Proximity marketing working for the retailers in 360 degrees is sure to be a new successful trend in the Digital world for the retailers which is doing both  Sales & Marketing. The immediate announcements of the brands on the discounts to the the shoppers present in the mall is luring the audience to their brand outlets.

The consumer base is gravitating to eCommerce—if not for shopping, then perusing for the website. We've certainly seen large growth in traffic on websites and we’re continuing to see that traffic growth from last year carry into this year for various retailers across the globe.