Sunday, 20 April 2014

Millennials what’s your vote for?

Millennials what’s your vote for?

 (Digital or Traditional or Mix)

It’s always been a very subjective matter for every marketer across the globe on making the choice. What could be the better proportion, better permutations and combination & what’s the better way to integrate the product or service and on which platform.

Having seen the rapid if not robust growth of social media marketing, does it infers that traditional media if fading out and will be a history for the coming generation audience. Can the traditional gain its fading glamor and limelight again? May be more number people have to say a big NO.

With the kind of platforms coming up daily, no on hourly basis, the most innovative products being developed day and night and the marketers are lured to have their brand presence on those platforms and take the driving seat. This growth is keeping every marketer be on their toes all the time and keeping making the strategic plans for the brand identity.

Despite what millennials say, digital may be winning the race. While Adroit Digital found that TV ads—a traditional form of advertising—were the most influential in perceiving/valuing a brand among millennials (70% of respondents), digital ad formats beat out the remaining traditional ones. Millennials may view digital ads as most influential, but it takes a special one to catch their attention. Millennials were the least likely to ignore TV ads, with about one-quarter of each gender group doing so.